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DIY Calendar



      I am so excited about this DIY perpetual calendar! I’ve always wanted one and have seen a lot on Pinterest and Instagram lately, so I came up with the idea to make one for myself! I don’t believe they are very expensive and there is many versions out there but the best part about mine –  it was totally FREE! Yes! I had everything on hand.
       First I had to decide on the design. Was I going to make a block one, a flip one with rings, maybe chalkboard?? I guess I kinda wanted to merge all three.


       Even though I had some ring clips for notecards and such, I decided some type of hook would be a lot easier than trying to attach a “binder” ring to a piece of wood. Oh, the wood is from our scrap pile. I sanded it, and stained it with some left over stain from other projects (not stained yet in these pictures). While, looking for that piece of wood I saw some nails, BINGO! Nails are perfect for hanging things, right?
      I knew I wanted black paper tags for the months and numbers. Every time I go to Target I check out The One Spot and have picked up many gift tags. So, to my craft closet I went. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough to complete the calendar year. But, I did have black scrapbook paper. This paper is perfect, sturdy enough to not bend or roll its edges, but thin enough for hanging 12 pieces on one nail. Next, was deciding on the text. I have plenty of stamps and ink. I decided on white ink against the black paper, creating the chalkboard look.
      Once I had all my supplies I started cutting the scrapbook paper to size. I pretty much eye balled it until I could fit three across the length of the board.



 I used a straight edge and a utility knife to cut all my pieces – 12 for the months, and 14 for the numbers. I realized I’d only need 0-3 on the first number section because we don’t have any months with days that start with 4 and above. And then 0-9 for the next section.
     After all my pieces were cut, I used my hole punch and punched a hole at the top center of each piece of paper. Pretty easy. Next was the fun part – stamping.


       To be honest I’m not sure if there is any special name for these kind of stamps, but I love the concept. You only need one stamp block, which is plastic, and then the sets of stamps. I have many different themed sets, like Christmas, lettering, flowers, etc. It’s a lot more practical and way better than having boxes and boxes of wooden stamps. Plus, you can see through them, so you know exactly where your stamping. I used abbreviations for the months, and just made sure I centered my numbers. But, I wasn’t too worried about it being perfect, because I wanted that handmade look. Oh I love this font!
      Using a few cards for reference I placed them back on the wood block and marked with a pencil through the holes where the nails need to go. Then, I simply nailed them in. My vision was originally for thick heavy duty nails, but I was scared the wood would split and I’d have to start all over. So, I just used some standard nails and nailed them in place.
      Then, I was ready to hang my chic month and date tags. Whoohoo! I decided to add some felt stickers on the bottom so the wood wouldn’t scratch the table. I picked up these felt stickers in the Target One Spot sometime last year, knew I’d need them eventually.
Next, I placed the tags on the nails and the completed calendar found its way on the console table in our entry way. This makes the easiest DIY project ever! I love it!


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