Chalk Painting Old Books

I’m honored to have the opportunity to team up with some amazingly talented bloggers for a monthly “trash to treasure” post. We are taking items from garage sales, thrift stores, Goodwill, etc or an item that we were about to throw away and rethinking it. We’ve limited our costs between ten to twenty dollars and we’re getting creative!

chalk painted book

On a recent trip to Home Goods, I saw a beautiful stack of faux books with quotes on the binding. It was just my style and I immediately picked them up to put them in my shopping cart….and then I saw the price tag – $30. Um, no thank you and back on the shelf the faux books went. I knew I could make some for myself for very little money. 
Luckily, I have a lot of old text books. Some I have sold, but these I chose to keep because I still reference the information. However, they were stuffed in a closet and rarely got used. Now, I have pretty books to display that I can still get a lot of use from. If you aren’t comfortable using your own books, you can easily find old books at thrift stores or Goodwill. 

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Here’s what you’ll need:
Old books

chalk paint craft

chalk painted books
This DIY is super easy, its as simple as painting the hardcover on the book. It also works with paperbacks too. For this book I only needed one coat, on another book the cover was red so it took about three coats. The chalky finish is a great texture and you can even sand it down or glaze it for a more aged look. I chose to wrap mine in twine for an added touch. 
trash to treasure old books
I’m so glad I have a beautiful use now for some old text books. I think I’ll continue to do this to all my books and just have a gorgeous collection. It’s so easy and only took the cost of paint. It didn’t take much time either, I finished all three books in less than an hour. 
book art
chalk painted book craft
trash to treasure old books
Be sure to check out the other four talented bloggers to see what they turned from trash to treasure! 
We can’t wait to share a new project next month – stay tuned! 
trash to treasure old books

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    Paige Rose
    January 27, 2016 at 6:04 am

    Seriously love the chalk painted books!! So smart too..I mean I LOVE me some vintage books, but sometimes fresh /clean bright ones are nice too..the chalk paint is the perfect solution!! Happy Wednesday friend!!


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