Projects & Goals for 2016

The new year is coming up and I am so excited! I have a lot of projects on my list that I’m ready to tackle. I always make a resolution each year and most of the time it’s to get healthier or lose weight (which is still on the goal list) but this year I want to concentrate more on decluttering and creating a simpler style in our home. Also, I need to finish every project I attempted and didn’t complete last year, like our master bedroom and bathroom! Oops. I’ve created a list of to-do’s and projects for 2016. I’m a list person and love crossing items off or checking a box. Sometimes I even add something I already I did just so I can cross something off! In today’s world, it’s a little more digital than the classic pen and paper, but for me it’s just as satisfying.


modern farmhouse laundry room


– install barn door
– install shiplap
– update shelving
– install new lighting
– improve storage
– new rug and accessories


I’ve been keeping a secret for a couple months and I’ve partnered with an amazing barn door company to design and build me a barn door for our laundry room. Our current door is just not working out for our small room and of course the new door has inspired me to do an entire makeover on our laundry room. I’m calling it a makeover instead of a remodel because we aren’t doing anything major, just improving the layout and storage. I can’t wait to get started next month!

farmhouse living room


– stain existing entertainment center
– new rug
– new lamps
– possible new sectional sofa
– new window treatments
– install shiplap


I’ve beenΒ dissatisfied with our living room for a couple months now. I’ve always felt like something is missing and haven’t been able to figure out what that is yet. I have a few ideas to freshen up the space and I’m hoping it will help. During the holidays we realized that although our sectional sofa is perfect for us, it’s not so great for seating a lot of people. I love Jonathan Louis Furniture and we’ve been extremely pleased with our existing sofa that we’ve had for about seven years now. I already have my eye on the Matthew sectional, so I’m hoping we can save up this year for a new sofa or maybe figure out another layout for our existing.

modern farmhouse kitchen
– diy open shelving
– install new pendants
– diy subway tile
– install pull out pantry shelves
– install pull out cabinet shelves
– customize cleaning closet
– shiplap
– switch out and declutter accessories


I just recently completed the diy open shelving in our kitchen and I’m loving it. I’m kicking myself for not doing it when we first moved in, but I already had my dining shelves then and thought it would be too much shelving. Looking back, I should of waited. I’ve learned that I’m an impulse buyer and wanted to furnish our house fairly quickly after moving in. Doing so has led me to re-thinking a lot of spaces and ultimately having to re-decorate in just a year. Oh well, live and learn. Next up in the kitchen will be hiring an electrician to install some pendant lighting!

tufted headboard


closet organization
– stain existing dresser
– ikea hack on nightstands
– diy shelving
– art
– mount tv
– create custom closet


I started our master bedroom makeover earlier this year but haven’t finished everything on the to-do list. I completed most of the major projects like painting an accent wall, buying a new headboard, installing a diy barn door, and found my favorite chair. The IKEA hack in our entryway was a success and we use those drawers so often that I decided they would work great as nightstands too. I can’t wait to share this hack, I have everything I need but I’ve got to find the time to do it. This year I’d also like to build some custom shelving for our master closet. It works for us now, but I know it can be improved for better storage.


modern farmhouse bathroom


– shiplap
– paint
– frame mirror
– orb chandelier
– DIY wood window treatment
– update faucets


I also started our master bathroom makeover earlier in the year but didn’t finish it. I added some accessories, changed the towel hooks, and did some painting but it still looks unfinished. I would also like to update our bathroom faucets and fixtures. They are very builder grade right now, and I’d like something a little more stylish.


Wow, apparently I have a lot to do this year, but at least I have an entire year to complete it. I honestly love updating my home and it is something I am really proud of. Β Joe and I are total homebodies, so making our home comfortable and a place that we can relax in is very important to us. I would rather spend money on our home than buy new clothes or a pair of shoes. Priorities people! Ok, I need to go get started on my to-do list, but I’ll share it with you all…


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