DIY Projects & Mid Year Check-In

One of my favorite projects this year - our DIY laundry room & barn door!

DIY projects are a popular theme in our house! At the beginning this year, I shared a big list of my projects & goals for 2016 and since its already July (this year is going by way too fast) I wanted to revisit and see all we’ve accomplished. Which, honestly I don’t think is much but I’m curious to compare.


One of my favorite projects this year - our DIY laundry room & barn door!


  • install barn door
  • install shiplap
  • update shelving
  • install new lighting
  • improve storage
  • new rug and accessories


First on the list was our laundry room and I’m happy to say this was Β completed and you can check it out in my laundry room & barn door reveal. Learn more about the project design and before photosΒ or my first experience with installing shiplap. The only thing on the list that wasn’t done was the new rug (I still might add one later) but I did add a thrifted stool that wasn’t part of the plan. Overall, I’m so happy with our laundry room. It was a project that was hard work but was all worth it in the end. It’s improved the esthetics of our home and our storage solutions, win win!


Living Room Makeover


  • stain existing entertainment center
  • new rug
  • new lamps
  • possibly new sectional sofa
  • new window treatments
  • install shiplap

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For the living room I have completed some of these diy projects, but not all. This summer, I did buy a new rug and curtains during a huge Target sale and new lamps during another sale (I’ll post those soon), but I’ve yet to stain the entertainment center or install the shiplap. And for our sofa, we love it so much I’ve lately been thinking about a diy slipcover. I’ve contacted several slipcover makers who insist it can’t be done because it’s a sectional and has two reclining seats. I’m very stubborn and have decided to take on the project myself to prove them wrong, and well if it doesn’t go right then we might be getting that new sofa after all. πŸ™‚


DIY open kitchen shelving and farmhouse accessories


Modern farmhouse dining room with DIY shiplap


  • diy open shelving
  • install new pendants
  • diy subway tile
  • install pull out pantry shelves
  • install pull out cabinet shelves
  • customize cleaning closet
  • shiplap
  • declutter accessories


I’m proud to say the dining room is officially complete after months of trying to find the time to work on it. You can see it in my farmhouse dining room reveal. Β The major diy project for that room was the shiplap and it’s now my favorite part. In the kitchen, I installed the diy shelving, decluttered and had the pendants installed. Later this year, we are replacing the countertops, installing the subway tile, getting all new appliances and will possibly paint the cabinets. I can’t wait! During that time I will probably do the other little updates like the pull out shelving and custom cleaning closet.


  • stain existing dresser
  • ikea hack nightstands
  • diy shelving
  • diy art
  • mount tv
  • create custom closet


This room has been getting neglected, BAD! It still looks exactly how it did last summer, incomplete and unfinished. Now that so much time has passed, I’ve created a whole new design and have added even more to the list that I’ll be sharing soon. If everything goes right, I am planning to tackle this project in October for the One Room Challenge. The closet will have to wait till next year!


  • shiplap
  • paint
  • frame mirror
  • orb chandelier
  • diy wood window treatment
  • update faucets


Nope, haven’t even touched this room. Oh wait, well it is painted and has new towel hooks. Err but that was 2015 when that happened. This room will also have to wait till next year and that’s okay, it’ll give me more time to figure out what I truly want from our space. Never know, maybe it will get a complete gut! (wink, wink Joe if you’re reading this)


As I mentioned in previous post, this year has been a whirlwind and I haven’t got as much done as I’d like. But, there are a few other diy projects I’ve even added to the list – updating my office space, a diy potting bench, our patio makeover and getting our house painted. A couple things were completed that weren’t planned – like our new front door (blog post coming soon) and our front porch railing (also coming soon to the blog). I guess this year, we got a lot of things completed that I’ve yet to share here on the blog. So in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing all those little details!


How has this year been for you? Any favorite diy projects? Share with me!

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