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Farmhouse Dining Room Reveal

farmhouse dining table

farmhouse dining room


Our farmhouse dining room is finally completed! After weeks of teasing you on Instagram, I’m finally back in my blogging groove and sharing our newest space today. By the way, this is definitely my favorite room in the house now!

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This little dining room update started back in October (yes it has been that long) when we bought our West Elm Emmerson Table. I had been obsessed with this table for a few months, so I decided to create a design board to see how it could work in our space, and at that moment I was sold. We had to have it! You can read more about my decision to update our dining room and why I chose to get rid of some very popular shelving.


farmhouse dining room


Just like in my design board, adding the shiplap instantly gave that modern farmhouse dining room feel I was craving. I first added shiplap in our laundry room and knew it had to go somewhere in the rest of our home. Stay tuned, because I’m planning it for even more rooms! Read more about my shiplap tutorial – the good, the bad, and the ugly.


shiplap wall


One late night (because that is how my brain works) I decided I needed another farmhouse cup rack, ya know that popular one seen in every Joanna Gaines design? I ordered mine from Decor Steals last year and luckily they were on sale again a few weeks ago so I was able to snag another. But, I did something a little different and instead of hanging cups, I decided to make it into a plate rack. It took me about a week to find the perfect size plates, and my favorite little store, Target, came thru for me.


shiplap plate rack


I did have to bend and tweak the prongs to fit each plate and make sure they wouldn’t fall. They fit so perfectly, they aren’t going anywhere. After seeing countless episodes of Fixer Upper, the shiplap and plate rack were my favorite combination and I’m so happy to have that in my home now. Nothing says farmhouse dining room like a little shiplap!


farmhouse herb prints


Another favorite are these oversized herb prints. I tried a few different ideas for this wall, but wasn’t really loving anything. First I tried a few galvanized shelves and cute farm animal prints, but it just looked cluttered. I knew I needed something big and oversized to fill up the space without looking busy. One night browsing Etsy, I came across the herb prints and fell in love. I chose my favorite four and had them printed at my local Walgreens. I chose the 16×20 because I already had these frames from Michaels. I hung them up and they were perfect!


herb prints


The rest of the decor in the space are items I’ve already had that I simply updated, like spray painting our curtain rods matte black to match the chandelier. They were a bronze color before, but now they look great against our cream curtains. Oh, those are new too. I love them so much more than the bold patterned ones we had before. Joe didn’t like them at first, but I think they are growing on him. He said they looked like something the Golden Girls would have in their house. Each night he would play the theme song when he closed the curtains, it was hilarious. So, thank you for being a frieeennnd! Song in your head now?


farmhouse dining room

One thing I will admit that everyone might be questioning…I’m as real as they come so I have no problem saying this. Yes, I know my rug is too small for the space. But, it actually doesn’t bother me. The 8×10 was entirely way too big and the 5×7 is a little bit to small, but  I wanted the rugs in our open floor plan to match. We have another in our living room and another in our entry way. Rug size is a big rule in design, but ya know what? Every once in a while it is okay to break the rules and this is probably my one time I broke them. And if you didn’t notice the rug size at all, move along and pretend you never read this part, mmm k? 😉

Update: listening to my new favorite podcast, Young House Love Has A Podcast, and Jonathan Alder says rugs aren’t perfect all the time & you’ve gotta surrender to the “half on half off” lifestyle!


farmhouse dining


I’m so in love with our farmhouse dining room now and it feels like we have so much more space! We can even fit two more chairs if we ever host a dinner party or Thanksgiving. This dining space makes me feel like a grown up. In fact, it even makes me want to cook. Okay maybe not, but you get the idea. Below you can find the sources for all of the decor!


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wall color – Valspar Oatland’s Subtle Taupe

shiplap tutorial

shiplap color – Valspar Ultra White

farmhouse racks

white plates





glass bottles

tufted chairs

x-back chairs

herb prints



modern farmhouse dining update

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    July 7, 2016 at 10:03 am

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    What a fresh and airy farmhouse dining area, Allison; you’ve done a wonderful job with enhancing an already beautiful space. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Reply
    Debbie Tavares
    July 7, 2016 at 8:25 pm

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    Absolutely love the new look of your dining room. The room looks sleek yet farmhouse a d soon much bigger

  3. Reply
    Elise (@InnerNatureDesign)
    July 19, 2016 at 4:29 am

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    Love the update nand how fresh and clean it is. It channels “farmhouse” without being too literal. Great job!

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    July 26, 2016 at 9:10 pm

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    Hi, I love your new dining room! Please let me know about your tile floor. Is there a reason you did not choose hardwood? I have a small family room with a cement slab and can not decide what type of floor to pick.Yours looks very nice!

  5. Reply
    July 27, 2016 at 9:22 am

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    Hi Allison, I am new to your blog and I really love it. Please let me know what and where you got your dining room floor. I have a cement slab in my small family room and am looking for a floor that will go with modern farmhouse style> yours looks very nice.

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