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Guidelights with SnapPower

This guidelights post is sponsored by SnapPower.

SnapPower Guidelights have changed our home!


I have found a product that has changed our household! SnapPower is a company that is literally genius. They have created guidelights for the home that don’t require an electrician or any fancy installations. It only took me about 60 seconds to install and only required a screwdriver. They replace your existing outlet covers, and use the screws inside the unit to provide power.








As soon as it was attached, it immediately started working. Each outlet cover has a sensor, so they remain off during the day and turn on around dusk. They only cost 10 cents a year and last up to 25 years! Plus they are super bright – no more bumping my knee on the couch in the middle of the night walking to kitchen for a glass of water.




Oh and guess what? SnapPower also has USB charging outlets! Lately, our house has been cluttered with cords, extension cords, and electronics being charged all over the place. Sometimes I am charging my phone, iPad, and computer all at once. They’re usually on the dining room table each plugged into an extension cord that stretches into our walkway. At the same time, this exact set up is going on in the living room with all of Joe’s electronics. Each time we want to charge something, we wrap and unwrap the cords. I probably sound like one of those ridiculous infomercials that makes it seem so hard to do the simplest task, but this part of our daily lives has really gotten old.


DIY Charging Station is easy with SnapPower!


Using an old organizing box from HomeGoods, I created a little charging station for our kitchen counter. The SnapPower USB charger doesn’t take up any useful outlet space, so there is more room for other chargers. Plus, they even sell extra long charging cables. The longer cables are perfect for when we are on the couch watching tv but still need access to our phones. No more extension cords!


DIY Charging Station is easy with SnapPower!


DIY Charging Station is easy with SnapPower!


The charging outlets have the same prongs and install just as easy as the guidelights. Plus, my phone charges at the exact speed as my regular charger. Usually, any other chargers beside the ones from Apple don’t charge as fast so I was pleasantly surprised when these worked so well.


SnapPower is awesome! They really have completely changed our household and made life a little more easier. Check out their website, there is always a sale going on. And you can also find them on Amazon!


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