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Modern lamps - splurge or save!

Modern lamps can sometimes be pretty expensive, but I am back for a Target Thursday post with a twist – splurge or save. On my recent blog survey, I was surprised to learn how much you guys love Target Thursday. And I also learned, you guys wanted more posts on how to save money decorating and deals on decor. So, I decided to combine those two and do something a little different!

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This week as I was browsing West Elm online for an edesign client, I started noticing a lot of items I’d seen before. Target! With these lamps you can get the look of high end for a lot less. The price difference is awesome! We have the black industrial lamp (from Target) in our home and it’s one of my favorites. West Elm has one very similar, but for almost double the price.


The tripod lamps look so similar, you would almost think the Target version would be more expensive. In fact, I even like it better than the West Elm version. The mercury glass lamp for $79 is a mini and very small, while the $49 version from Target is larger and still at a lower price. It’s a win win!

Which is your favorite? Would you like to see more of these posts? Let’s chat!

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