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DIY Mudcloth Pillow

Create your own DIY Mudcloth Pillow!

Mudcloth pillows have become very popular over the last year in home decor. I’ve been obsessing over them for months!Β So for this weeks Tuesday Trend, I have a fun and easy craft project to share. It seriously took me about ten minutes to complete – start to finish. Whohoo!




Last week, I got an itch to do a craft project and remembered a pile of pillow covers I was planning on donating. Side note –Β I’ve been cleaning out our closets, junk drawers, and guest room aka my “supply room” and I promised myself no more major DIY projects until I could get this house cleaned out and in order!


Anyways, I used the back of a pillow cover I was no longer using but you can always buy a plain pillow cover for this project. I also used a Sharpie because it was all I had and I’m impatient. πŸ™‚ Plus this project was TOTALLY FREE for me! But, you can also use a fabric marker and it will probably last and be washable. Get creative and use a white ink marker and a darker black or navy fabric too!

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Create your own DIY Mudcloth Pillow!


First I started with my existing cotton pillow cover and marker. I ironed the pillow cover before starting on the design, because I didn’t want to risk ruining my design or my iron with the Sharpie.


Create your own DIY Mudcloth Pillow!


For inspiration, I looked at some actual mudcloth designs online and chose elements from each that I thought would be easy to create. Using a straight edge or a t-square I made sure each design was straight. Don’t worry about the design being perfect, just go for it. Once the pillow cover is on, the imperfections won’t even be noticeable.


Create your own DIY Mudcloth Pillow!


I repeated the patterns for my pillow to make it more uniform, but it’s not necessary. Mudcloth designs come in all sorts of patterns, so its really up to you. They’re completely unique and customizable.


Create your own DIY Mudcloth Pillow!


Insert your favorite pillow and you’re done! I’m really happy with how easy and fast this little project was. I took something I was planning on donating and made into a pillow I’ve been wanting for a long time – for FREE!


What do you think? If you make one, share with me on Instagram or Facebook!







Create your own DIY Mudcloth Pillow!

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