Ryobi Tools – My Top Ten Favorite Tools For Any DIY Project

Favorite Ryobi Tools - top ten favorites for any project!

Ryobi tools are a popular choice among DIY bloggers and small businesses shop owners. I first saw them when the girls from Shanty 2 Chic were using them for their amazing projects! My first experience with a Ryobi Β was when I bought the nail gun to do our shiplap in the laundry room. I was hooked! Not only do these tools look nice, but they are easy to use for a DIYer on any skill level. They are light weight and are battery powered. No more stumbling over cords or worrying about tripping the breaker with too many power tools plugged in.

(this post contains affiliate links, see disclosure…but,Β this post is in no way sponsored by Ryobi, I just really dig them πŸ™‚ )

Favorite Ryobi Tools - top ten favorites for any project!


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I’ve had a jigsaw for years, but after using the Ryobi brand for my laundry room project I upgraded to the cordless jigsaw and it has been a life changer! On a recent fence project Joe and I did, it was a time saver when we got to a side of the house with no electrical outlets. We didn’t have to drag out the extension cord. The reciprocating saw is new to me but I have a feeling I will be using it a lot more on our upcoming closet project.


My second favorite tool is my circular saw. I use it for ripping down wood for bigger projects and use the Kreg Rip Cut guide to keep my cuts straight. This is great for us, because we don’t have a table saw yet nor do we have the space for one. Our garage is too small for anything else but our cars and we do most of our projects on the back patio.


I’ve also had a mouse sander for years (another plug in version) and once again I quickly upgraded to the Ryobi version. This sander is perfect for furniture projects, distressing, or smoothing out rough cuts. The cordless vacuum is my favorite way to pick up all that sawdust, I used to have to sweep but not anymore! I’m constantly cleaning up our work area because of Scooby, so the vacuum is great.


Whenever we do any electrical, like switching the lighting in our laundry room and closet, we use the workshop light. In those two areas there is no natural sunlight, so as soon as the breaker is turned off, it’s pitch black in those areas. Before we used to try to use our cell phones as light, but it seemed a little dangerous. πŸ™‚


For small projects, like putting together Target or Ikea furniture I like to use my cordless screwdriver. I can’t believe how many times I ended up with blistered hands for so many years, but not anymore. And now I feel like superwoman on bigger projects with my impact driver. I feel like I can build anything (like my potting bench, coming soon) and I don’t have to go running to Joe anymore because I’ve stripped a screw (ugh the worst)!




As I mentioned earlier the nail gun was my first Ryobi tools purchase and it is still my favorite. We use it for almost every DIY project or build and Joe likes it too. He always pulls the “hey let me see that” when we are working on a project together. I used to think he just didn’t like seeing me out build him, but now I think its because he genuinely likes the Ryobi tools too.


No matter male or female, experienced DIYer or newbie Ryobi is a great brand for all your tools. And don’t forget your batteries and to always have them charged. I’ll admit that’s one piece of advice I need to take for myself!

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    August 10, 2016 at 8:10 pm

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    I love tools and have never heard of this brand. Will definitely have to check them out!

    Greta |

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    Ginny McCullough
    August 10, 2016 at 10:11 pm

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    I’m so excited about your laundry room doors. How did you make the doors? Diy??

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