Target Thursday

Black, White + Wood Decor at Target

Black, White + Wood Decor at Target!

Black, white and wood decor seems to be one of my favorite decorating styles lately. I’ve even been incorporating the look into our home and Target seemed to be reading my mind. Last week, as I was shopping I saw all the new items being put out on the shelves. You might of caught it all on my Instagram stories, I was in Target heaven. So naturally, it’s the perfect theme for this week’s Target Thursday!

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Ps you can find the art HERE


I want it all! Next month I will be making over our master bedroom and I’ve purchased a few items already. I’m also planning on updating our kitchen shelves, so those dessert plates will be the perfect touch. I can’t wait!


Have you seen any of these new items or purchased any for your home? Share with me!

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