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Decorating for Fall – Adding Small & Simple Touches

Decorating for Fall - Simple & Easy |

Decorating for Fall or any holiday season is easy with just a few simple touches. If you’ve been following this little blog for awhile now, I’m sure you know I’ve been trying to simplify everything in our home over the last few months.


Decorating for Fall - Simple & Easy |


This year, I decided to keep that in mind for the holidays too. Changing a few simple items in our home, instantly makes it feel warm, cozy, and just like Fall. Even if it is still ninety degrees outside. 😉

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One of my favorite changes for the season is pillows! I personally love pillow covers that can easily be changed. My friend Erin at Porterlane Home is the queen of fabulous pillow covers for every season and this feather one is great for fall.


Decorating for Fall - Simple & Easy |


Faux pumpkins, specifically white ones are another favorite I like to keep in our home from the beginning of Fall to Thanksgiving. I usually move them around throughout the season – placed on the dining table, entryway, or in a basket.


Decorating for Fall - Simple & Easy |


Adding a super soft throw, I personally love faux fur, to a sofa or chair not only looks great but its warm and cozy for those cooler nights. I picked this one up at Target years ago, but I’ve linked one similar below.


Decorating for Fall - Simple & Easy |


I also like to add more candles during this time of the year, especially ones that smell like pumpkin pie or driftwood. With the days getting shorter, I love when the sun goes down and its time to light the candles and snuggle up on the couch with a warm blanket.


Decorating for Fall - Simple & Easy |


Simple fall themed art like these from Vol 25 are also an easy and simple switch to decor that can be made for all seasons. Online shops like Etsy feature many small shops that are always updating their products according to the season. It’s one of my favorite ways to support small business, especially during the holidays.


How do you like to decorate for Fall?



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