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Laundry Room Update & New Sign

New Laundry Sign & Update One Year Later |

Last spring, we completed our laundry room makeover and since then it has been one of my most popular posts here on the blog. We installed a barn door, shiplap, and painted the room.




As I’ve mention before, I’ve been craving much simpler décor in our home and even though our laundry room is pretty simple already when I saw this sign from Hunt and Gather Goods I knew it would be perfect for our space!


New Laundry Sign & Update One Year Later |


I think my obsession with more simple décor has turned into getting rid of our shelving. The shelving in our dining room started to become too cluttered, the shelving in our room collected more dust than I’d like to admit, and the shelving here in our laundry room didn’t really serve any purpose. When you are simplifying, everything must have a purpose.


New Laundry Sign & Update One Year Later |


So I removed the shelving and added this amazing sign! I missed the old sign in our laundry room and was feeling like I needed a new one. I didn’t want one that said “laundry” since that is already on our barn door, so “wash, dry, fold” is the next best thing. Plus it’s black, and lately black has been my absolute favorite accent in our home.


Easy Clothes Hanger & Update One Year Later |


I also installed this clothes hanger, because after using this space these last few months the original hooks weren’t working to well. I honestly never intended on hanging clothes on them, but Joe uses it more and more and told me he needed a place for hanging his work shirts. He very rarely will ask or give his opinion on my designs, so I try to give him what he wants when he asks for something! 🙂


Easy Clothes Hanger & Update One Year Later |


I spray painted the clothes hanger (black, of course) and installed it. I like it because it is there when Joe needs and out of the way when he doesn’t. By installing it on the door side of the room, its hardly noticeable.


New Laundry Sign & Update One Year Later |


New Laundry Sign & Update One Year Later |


Overall, I’m still VERY obsessed with our laundry room! One day I’d love to add some beautiful black and white cement tile to the floor, new counter tops and a laundry sink. I can dream right? 😉



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    March 13, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    I am wondering if you could give More details about the doors you bought. I have a laundry room that is half the size you have. And I need the French door bypass barn door just like what you have, plus little room to the outside of door. That is why the bypass system would work great. But I cannot find a “half door with glass in it” like your door on the left. We can make the other half of the door on the right.

    1. Reply
      March 15, 2017 at 1:47 pm

      I have another post just on the laundry door – you can find it here – – if you contact Rustica Hardware and refer to my doors they can help you!

  2. Reply
    August 9, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Where did you get the “wash, dry and fold” sign? I love it.

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