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2017 Word of the Year | helloallisonblog.com

Happy New Year! I’m so excited about 2017 and already have so much planned for our home! I was looking at last years list and realized a lot of the list will be carried over into this year, because my taste has changed or I’ve come up with a new plan for the space. I kind of tend to do that. 🙂 I will complete a space and then want to take it to the next level with a few additional changes. I should probably just create a master house list, share it here on the blog and update it as items get crossed off like I did for our mid-year check in.


2017 Word of the Year | helloallisonblog.com


Last year, my word was simplicity. I worked all year to simplify our house, our lives, etc. and I would like to continue that this year too. However, I lost track of time, got busy with other projects, and put a lot of things off. This year my word is FOCUS. I want to focus my energy better this year, finish the projects I’ve started, and focus on me. And of course, focusing on me involves my health and weight loss, too. I’ve been putting off losing weight for about two years but this year HAS to be the year I finally do it. If it means blogging less, getting up early, and less time on social media then it’s just what I have to do. I predict that in the beginning it will be difficult, but once I get into a routine I will be more focused and happier.


So back to the house goals – I’ve created a list for this year that I’m sure I will add to, rearrange and prioritize differently as the year goes on. Last year, I participated in my first One Room Challenge and I would love to do it again this year for April and October. Possibly our master bath and closet to complete the whole master suite makeover. I can’t wait!


  • purge & organize
  • new flooring
  • paint
  • update trim


Purge, purge, purge is all I plan to do the first part of this year. Closets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc. I promised myself, ok I actually promised Joe that I would not do any more projects until I can get our house back in order. In the last part of 2016 we had a lot of projects going on and with the holidays cleaning and organizing got pushed aside. Literally.


Since installing Pergo flooring into our master bedroom, I am obsessed with it and would like to install it in the rest of our home. Our current tile in our main living areas just doesn’t look appealing to me anymore, I feel like it has made our house look cold and hard. I would like to update the look to be more warm and welcoming.


I’d also like to update the paint in our home to more of a gray color. I still like the paint color we have now – Valspar Oatland’s Subtle Taupe, but most of the day because of lighting, it’s a little more tan than I would like. I’m dreaming of a super subtle gray with bright white trim. Speaking of trim, I’d like to update all of our baseboards and door molding to a farmhouse or craftsman style.




  • new flooring
  • new furniture
  • new rug
  • update entertainment center
  • DIY fireplace
  • patio door update


I’d also like to give the whole space a furniture update with a new sofa, larger area rug, and a fireplace. Yup, a fireplace. This past Christmas, I realized I actually miss the old fireplace and mantel from our previous home. Our house has the space for one and it was an option with the builder, but we opted out because of the cost. I have a grand idea on how to incorporate one into our home now and can’t wait to share.


  • paint cabinets
  • new appliances
  • shiplap range hood
  • quartz countertops
  • subway tile backsplash




I have wanted to update our kitchen for awhile now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a few times here on the blog and on Instagram. 🙂 Joe is also finally on board and we’ve agreed on white quartz countertops. Last spring, we started looking at options and I ordered a few samples. However, nothing looked right with our current tile flooring. Then, once we decided to install the new Pergo flooring we put the kitchen makeover on hold. We’ve been saving money and I really hope this is one project we can complete this year.


  • barn door cabinet
  • lighting
  • chalkboard


I’d also like to make a small update to my office. I call it my “office” but its really just a desk in our hallway. When the house was built, this area had the option of linen cabinets and because of cost we opted out, but now I’m glad we did because I have my own space. It was like it was meant to be.


I’d like to remove the shelving and install a cabinet with a sliding barn door to hide my printer, paper shredder and other supplies. I like the shelves I have now, but they became filled with décor only and I need something a little more practical. I’d also like a chalkboard to keep notes and lists to keep myself focused.


  • flooring
  • tile
  • shower update
  • mirrors
  • lighting


To complete our master suite, I’d like to update our builder grade bathroom. It doesn’t need a full gut or anything major, but I’d like to update the tile floors, sinks, faucets, and add some subway tile.




I also want to do something really fun with our shower, similar to what Lauren from Bless’er House did with hers. I’ve loved it ever since she shared it on her blog and it seems like such an easy update!


  • organization
  • custom shelving
  • lighting


Creating a semi-custom closet for our master bedroom would also be an amazing update for us. Size wise our closet is great for us, but it only has one builder grade shelf and clothes rod. Not ideal. Our ceiling height is pretty high, so I’d like to add extra shelving for seasonal items. Last year, I shared my plans but we never got the chance to complete the project.


  • farmhouse dining table
  • seating area
  • potting bench
  • paint exterior


Last year, I started a makeover for a seating area on our side patio but never completed it. I’d like to finish that area for the spring and then make our back patio a dining area with a custom farmhouse table I plan on building. Eeek! But I think it will really work for us because our back patio is right off our kitchen.


I also built a potting bench last year and I’m waiting for Joe to lay some stones along the side of the house to complete the makeover. If the weather cooperates, hopefully that project can be finished too!


It looks like we have a lot to do this year, but I’m really excited. Even if we can only complete the new flooring and kitchen makeover, I will be ecstatic. This year I wanna take it slow, take it all in, and really appreciate how much this little blog and our home has to offer. 🙂


Do you have big plans for 2017? What’s your word for the year? Share with me!

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