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Create a Simple & Easy Photo Wall

Simple & Easy Photo Wall Using Phone Photos |

Ever since I completed our master bedroom makeover, I have been getting a lot of questions here and on Instagram about our photo/gallery wall. I prefer to call it a photo wall, because to me gallery walls contain objects, photos, etc and are usually placed in a random pattern. Gallery walls are a little too cluttered for my style, but I adore them in other people’s homes. Anyways, I love a modern clean photo wall and that’s just what I wanted for our bedroom.

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Simple & Easy Photo Wall Using Phone Photos |


I also love the look of huge white photo mats and smaller black and white photos. It’s a modern touch and really draws the eye in to focus more attention on the photo. For my photos I used some of our favorite iPhone photos on my personal Instagram account but you don’t need an iPhone or an Instagram account for this tutorial, any photo will do!






I love the Belmont frames from Michaels, they are simple, modern and affordable. They are usually on sale and Michael’s always offers coupons and/or discount codes if you purchase online. I was unable to find nine white frames at my local store, so I did have to order a few online. Once my frames arrived, I found some of my favorite photos of Joe & I (and Scooby too) on my iPhone and edited them in black and white. The pictures have been taken over the years and at different locations, so to unify them I thought black & white was best.


Once I edited the photos to my liking, I used the Walgreens app to upload them and have them printed at my local store. If your photos are already square, the app will recognize that and size them to 4×4. You can create this photo wall with any size photos, but since some of my photos are older and from an older phone the quality wasn’t good enough to resize to 8×10. I’d like to be one of those couples that gets professional photos taken, but that just isn’t us…yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Use the glue dots to secure the photos and the mats inside the frames, to me the glue dots are easier than tape and removable if the photo needs to be straightened. The double mats give the photos some extra dimension and if we ever want to switch to 8×10 or 11×14 photos we still can. Ya know for those professional photos. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Michael’s frames do come with a photo mat but its a flimsy off white and looked more yellow to me, so I splurged on fancier mats to make the frames look more expensive.


I love Command Strips for projects like this, plus I don’t like to put very many nail holes in our walls. Using the strips and a level, I eyeballed the placement of each frame making sure they were evenly spaced.



That’s it! This was a simple and easy way to make a big impact in our bedroom. I love it so much, I am doing it again in our upcoming living room makeover. What do you think? Is it a project you’ll try out?




Simple & Easy Photo Wall Using Phone Photos |

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    Valerie Hill
    January 24, 2017 at 9:03 am

    I love that you used the two different sized mats for dimension – very clever!

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