Easy DIY Modern Farmhouse Chalkboard

Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |

I’m so excited to be sharing one of my favorite farmhouse DIY projects on the tour! If you are hopping over from one of the other fabulous blogger homes, HELLO! And if you are new to A House and A Dog – WELCOME! This blog is all about beautiful living, comfortably in all aspects of our lives. Take a look around, learn more about me, take a house tour, and see my favorite projects.


Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |


There are tons of DIY chalkboard ideas out there in Pinterest land, but my version doesn’t require any painting with pesky chalkboard paint and the whole project only cost me $12! Here is what you’ll need –

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Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |


When I spotted this chalkboard panel at my local Home Depot, I was ecstatic. I was working on another project at the time, but picked it up anyways knowing that this was pure genius. Wood and chalkboard paint in one! That same day, I saw this chalkboard at Target that is about the same size and is triple the price!


Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |


Since there is no cutting or painting required for the chalkboard part, I got right to work. Using a level and my nail gun, I attached the chalkboard panel directly to the wall along the edges and four corners. Then, attached the frame. I used my miter saw to cut each piece of 1×2 to a 45 degree angles for a clean look, caulked the seams & imperfections, and then painted them white with some left over paint in the garage.


Ps if you are wanting a less permanent chalkboard, attach the 1×2’s with Liquid Nails or another strong glue and use large Command Strips to attach the chalkboard to the wall.


Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |


That’s it! This was a quick project I did within 30 minutes, including letting paint dry between coats. The chalkboard is in my office, which if you didn’t know is actually just part of our hallway that was meant for linen cabinets. I’m working on a little makeover for this area so I’ll be sharing it soon!


I’ll be honest here and admit I am not the best chalkboard letter-er. Yes, that’s a word. 🙂 After trying to write live simply over and over again for about ten minutes, I finally remembered a tip I learned from my friend Lauren at Little White House.


Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |




  1. Season your chalkboard first, by rubbing it all with chalk and wiping it away (this will help not leave any permanent designs or lettering on the board)
  2. Using a computer, create your quote or saying in your favorite font and print to size, you can use mine HERE
  3. On the back of the paper, rub the chalk heavy and evenly across the lettering
  4. Use tape to attach paper in desired spot on the chalkboard
  5. With a sharp pencil, trace the lettering pressing firmly
  6. Remove the paper, and a faint outline transfer of the lettering will be on the chalkboard
  7. Trace over the outline with a sharp piece or chalk or chalkboard marker
  8. Admire your work 🙂


Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |


Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |


Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |


I can’t wait to share the rest of my office and I had so much fun with this quick and easy DIY chalkboard. Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers DIY projects and try one out for yourself!


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Easy DIY Chalkboard For Less Than $12 |

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