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Spring Home Tour | 5 Ways to Decorate for Spring without Shopping |

Happy Friday! This year I started a little something new on the blog on Friday’s to get a little more personal here on the blog, share my thoughts, my week, and anything else that doesn’t normally fit into home decor or decorating. I’m so happy you guys are loving these and I appreciate all the sweet comments!


Spring Home Tour | 5 Ways to Decorate for Spring without Shopping |


#1 favorite for this week – SPRING is in the air! We have had all our windows and doors open this week and its the perfect time of the year and my FAVORITE because we don’t have to use the A/C yet and the house feels so good.


But this week I wanted to do something a little different, as I shared last week I turned 31 and it was easier than turning 30. I’ve seen these lists on Pinterest and wanted to create my own for this year. I LOVE lists & goals and there is nothing better than getting to cross items off of a list and feel accomplished.


So here is my list for this year…


32 things to do before I turn 32.

Some are big, some are little. Some I can do THIS week, some will take me the whole year – like paying off credit card debt and losing weight. Some I have been trying to complete for years! Oops. As I start crossing items off the list – I’ll check in here on the blog and share it all with you guys!


Have you created a list like this before? Share with me!

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