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Modern Blue Rugs

Modern Blue Rugs |

I’ve been wanting to add more blues and greens to our home recently, so I have been looking at rugs. Target has so many rugs to choose from but I picked out some of my favorites for this weeks Target Thursday.

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Modern Blue Rugs |

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Vinage looking rugs are so gorgeous! I love them in other homes and have seen so many on Pinterest, but I just don’t think they would work in our home. If you’re looking for a vintage rug, I rounded up some of my favorites in this post here.


The number 4 rug has a beautiful diamond pattern that’s hard to see above, but Target has a close up image that’s so gorgeous. It’s similar to the rug we have in our living room now and I love it.


Blue is such a gorgeous color and compliments any style including farmhouse, modern, eclectic, or traditional. Plus its a color that is calming and perfect for the family room or bedroom.



What do you think? Would any of these chairs work in your space?ย Share with me!

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    Isadora Guidoni
    August 7, 2017 at 8:13 am

    I simply love blue rugs: I think they make any room instantly more interesting and stylish. Thank you for sharing your picks!

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