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Popular Fall Shoes – Nordstrom or Target

Splurge or Save - Nordstrom or Target | Popular Fall Shoes |

Splurge or save is one of my favorite posts to write and see from other bloggers. Not only does it work for home decor items, but is also great for fashion. Since, I’ve been getting into more lifestyle posts I wanted to write something fun and this information was too good not to share.

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As we all know the Nordstrom sale was last week and as I kept “swiping up” on Instagram, I kept thinking to myself “where have I seen these shoes before?” Duh. My favorite store of all time – Target. This post is in no way a Target vs Nordstrom kinda thing. I love Nordstrom and bought a few items from the sale. But you guys know I also love Target, not only do I buy furniture and home decor from there, but also the majority of my clothing and shoes. Plus, when I can find something on sale or for a better price, I’m all over it! πŸ™‚


So as I was browsing around Target’s website I found so many similar shoes at very affordable prices. I’m the same way with fashion as I am with my home decor. I get tired of it very quickly and very easily. So to me spending 30 bucks on a lesser quality shoe makes total sense, because I will probably only wear the shoes a few times. For others, that might not work, but for me it does. You can splurge or save on the same style!



(click on each item or see below)



I was in shock at how similar these shoes are! I actually like some of the Target styles even better!


Which one is your favorite? Are you surprised at how similar the styles are?

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